About me

I'm Mariel, and I'm excited to introduce you to Lucy's K-Beauty, my very own K-beauty store, named after my puppy, Lucy!
You know, the idea for this store came from my personal frustration with the limited selection of Korean beauty products available in local stores. It always seemed like I had no choice but to resort to online shopping, which often meant enduring long wait times, paying hidden fees or customs, or receiving products that were not authentic. In fact, I once had a truly disappointing experience with Amazon, where I received fake products. That's when I realized the importance of ensuring authenticity and sourcing directly from manufacturers themselves.
Having come across reviews from others who faced similar issues with fake products, I became even more committed to providing a reliable and trustworthy shopping experience.
With Lucy's K-Beauty, my ultimate goal is to spare you from the troubles I encountered and offer you a curated collection of genuine Korean beauty products.
Here's to a delightful and enjoyable beauty shopping experience!
With love,
Mariel Founder of Lucy's K-Beauty